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By combining our all natural herbal blend with the latest technology, 6 Hour has created the only time-released, & most bio-available, relaxation and better sleep product on the planet.

6 Hour Relax’s all natural proprietary herbal blend gives you hours of relaxation you feel in minutes that seamlessly leads into your best night’s sleep: Guaranteed! Whether you like our 2 oz Liquid Relaxation Shot that can be felt in as little as 5 minutes, or one of our super tasty Relaxation Bars that can be felt in as little as ten minutes, they all have the same time-release technology, potency, great taste and effect. And best of all, they are all natural. Click here for more info on our formula and how 6 Hour works.

All Natural

By combining our all natural, time-released proprietary herbal blend with the latest technology, we have created the most advanced bio-available relaxation and better sleep product on the planet.Learn More

Herbal Blend

By combining the right herbs in just the right ratio, then putting them through the latest cutting-edge technology, Lights Out has created the most advanced herbal relaxation product on the Planet.Learn More

The Right Blend

By combining the right herbs with the right corresponding breakdown times, it is possible to time the availability so that they work together as a complete system!Learn More

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Order your 6hr Relaxation Shots now for fast delivery.Learn More

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What Clients Say

I remember the day quite clearly: I’d forgotten my lunch and decided to work straight through. But then the hunger pang really started kicking in. The last thing I recall before being woken up by my boss at the front desk was thinking, “ what can one little brownie do?
Brooke D., Apollo Offices, CA
Not knowing what to expect from a relaxation product- during use, or the next day, has kept me from using them. With 6 Hour Relax I now know what to expect: It’s like a switch turns off after about 20 minutes and back on 5½ to 6 hours later and I’m ready to start my day.  The best part – I’m never groggy.
John P., Broker, OH
I never liked the nervousness or anxiety that came with every other sleep supplement I tried. Finally I have a sleep solution that feels as good as the sleep – and I’m never left groggy or foggy.
Laura Perez, Artist, New Mexico
I’ve always had trouble staying asleep. 6 Hour Relax Chocolate Chip Cookies solved that. And the flavor is to die for. Now, can you please make a 10-hour time release? lol 
Pat, CPA, San Francisco, CA
Not only were the energy drinks I was using causing nervousness, they were also preventing me from getting proper rest. After a night with 6 Hour Relax, I wake refreshed and don’t need the energy products – I have my own energy.
Jenny T., San Diego, CA
Definitely the best sleep. Finally I don’t wake throughout the night – Something no other relaxation product has been able to do. And that 6 Hour Relax is all-natural lets me feel good about using them. All the traveling I do used to mean long nights and poor sleep – if any. Now, with one 6 Hour Relax Relaxation Shot I sleep like a baby – regardless of the time zone. You guys rock.
Frank Alber, Tempe, AZ
I wasn’t sure if it worked so I tried another the next night and again I woke up on the couch about 6 hours later. Niiice!
Scott F, Colorado Springs, Co
I’ve finally found an all-natural herbal relaxation product I can recommend to my clients – and the Mixed Berry tastes great! 
Betty F., San Francisco, CA